Collection: Divine Rose Attunement Meditation Series

Several months ago, I began feeling that there was an integral piece that was missing in the puzzle of my soul's journey. For many years I have been receiving messages and attunements from Divine masculine beings including Christ, Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Metatron, The Arcturians, and Melchizedek & the Brotherhood of the Light. While pulling detrimental etheric cords from my clients during sessions, I often ran into stubborn cords that didn't want to release easily. At these times I'd call in help from the Divine feminine via the Blessed Mother and the Sisterhood of the Rose.

Until recently I had only begun to explore and work with the rose energies, but upon an inner, persistent urging, I asked God and my spiritual guides to provide me the missing piece I was searching for. My prayers were answered via attunements that took me much deeper into the divinity of the Sisterhood of the Rose and the healing power of the divine feminine and rose frequencies. I have had amazing feedback from my clients who've experienced healing sessions with these energies, and so I am so happy and excited to share them as virtual attunement meditations.

In this series there will be attunements to 7 Roses, 7 members of the Sisterhood of the Rose, including the beloved Blessed Mother and Mary Magdalene. Additionally, participants will receive attunements to the 12 portals of Christ, the Rainbow Light Body and the powerful Diamond Plasma energies. Each Rose also includes its own unique frequencies which target specific ailments, dis-ease and imbalances within the ody, regardless of the timeline they were created in.

Whether you join us for the live event or afterward, you will receive an MP3 with a recording of the attunement which you can download and listen to again and again.

I hope you'll join us for these truly Divine sessions.

$33 /person, per attunement session.

​If you are unable to join us live for this event, your purchase includes an audio recording which can be accessed at your convenience.  A link will be sent within 24 hours after the event.
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